HDS i-phi™ Technology

CAAP is pleased to offer the utilization of HDS™ units, powered by i-phi™ technology. HDS is an aftermarket, patented Hydrogen Injection System for diesel engines that uses hydrogen to reduce carbon emissions during the combustion process.

Application of the Science to HDS Technology

Small amounts of hydrogen have significant effects on diesel combustion. Adding fragmental amounts of hydrogen to the combustion process promotes a more complete burn of the diesel fuel. With the HDS system, hydrogen is delivered into the combustion chamber on demand, allowing the burn to occur at the top of the power stroke of a diesel engine creating a more complete burn.

This leads to increased thermal efficiency and less fuel spent for a given amount of work. Hydrogen also has a significant stabilizing effect on cycle-to-cycle variations in combustion and leads to superior fuel efficiency and fuel savings.

The HDS unit has no moving parts nor does it use any chemicals for its operation other than distilled water. It does not store any Hydrogen, and is built using Military Grade Parts and Specifications. The PLC of the HDS unit is more than ten years.

The results are seen in:

– Reduction in fuel consumption of up to 30+%
– Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) of up to 90% – NOx, HC, CO, CO2, PM
– Maintenance Costs Reduction of up to 50%
– Increases horsepower and torque
– Extended engine life
– Extended parts life: Specially EGR & DPF

Third Party Validations & Certifications

Caterpillar (Dansk Gasteknisk Center A/S Aalborg)

CARB Executive Order (California Air Resources Board)

SAE – Pave Auburn J1321 Type II

Wardrop Engineering

Clean Air Technologies