Clean Air Assistance Program Overview

The Clean Air Assistance Program (CAAP) is a global initiative organization focused on environmental initiatives that reduce greenhouse gases (GHG emissions) through innovative technologies and eco-friendly products that support environmental responsibility, improve air quality and create cost reduction strategies for businesses.

CAAP’s strategic alliances with innovative technology companies and philanthropic capital investors help CAAP offer risk-free pilot programs for qualified companies motivated to reduce greenhouse gases, increase profits and invest in our global youth.

Clean Air Assistance Program Initiatives
CAAP technology | Clean Air Assistance Program | reduce greenhouse gases, improve air quality, cost reduction strategies



The goal of the Clean Air Assistance Program is building relationships with innovative companies who value environmental responsibility and have developed technologies and eco-friendly products and solutions that create immediate impact.

CAAP funding | Clean Air Assistance Program | reduce greenhouse gases, improve air quality, cost reduction strategies



CAAP’s relationships with philanthropic capital investors have allowed unique opportunities for qualified companies including no expense, risk-free programs that create substantial cost savings for partner companies.

CAAP results | Clean Air Assistance Program | reduce greenhouse gases, improve air quality, cost reduction strategies



CAAP programs are designed to have an immediate impact and promote environmental responsibility through environmental initiatives that reduce greenhouse gases “GHG” and increase partner company profits.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

CAAP Objectives
Reduce Greenhouse Gases

A new study finds reducing greenhouse gases that spur climate change could prevent up to 3 million premature deaths annually by 2100… CAAP believes this is our environmental responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and is worth the effort!

Increase Program Participant Profits

CAAP limits the risk of changing operations by providing the funding and innovative technologies that are currently not mainstream directly to qualified members.

Offer Risk-Free Pilot Programs

CAAP’s strategic alliance with philanthropic capital investors provide funding and incentives for real change for qualified members.

Increase Awareness of Innovative Technologies

CAAP provides the vehicle for early adopters with environmental initiatives. With this incentive, CAAP hopes to promote environmental responsibility for companies to innovate new technologies and ways to improve air quality.

Support Youth Charity

CAAP is positioned to create cost reduction strategies that save corporations around the world 100’s of millions of dollars. CAAP is about promoting change, but real change will only occur when we invest in our future with youth charities that inspire a better today and tomorrow.

Increase CAAP Membership

CAAP is motivated to find partners and members that support the Clean Air Assistance Program’s global initiative. CAAP is motivated and funded to be an environmental responsibility leader, actively looking for members and ways to reduce greenhouse gases, improve air quality and cleaner air.

Clean Air Assistance Program

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